8 useful elements of mountain milk

1 cup of mountain milk contains:

For the formation and development of bones and teeth,
For the regulation of blood pressure,
For the normal activity of muscular and nervous systems,
No other element can favor to the decomposition of calcium better than the other elements contained in milk. 

Milk contains proteins which provide the organism with all necessary amino acids,
Favors to the growth of organism,
Satiates, is useful for the regulation of weight,
Raises the immunity,
Favors to the development of muscles,
Recovers damaged tissues.

It is the basis of strong bones and teeth,
It has a vital role in blood content, nervous and ferment systems.
Phosphorus together with vitamin B is one of the important elements that absorb energy from food.

For the active transmission of nervous impulses
For the regulation of blood pressure,
It is the basis of numerous ferments.

Helps to absorb and preserve calcium in the organism
It is an important element for the mineral structure of bones and teeth.
It is useful for the energy conversion in the body.
It is the basis of all the cells of the body.

Favors to the general growth and development of the organism
Favors to the recovery of wounds,
Provides strong immune system.

Vitamin B
It is necessary for the normal activity of nervous system.
It is useful for eyes and skin.
Fights against stress and removes tiredness.

Vitamin A
It is useful for skin.
It is useful for visual and nervous systems.