Ashtarak Kat Company is cooperating with 6000 farmsteads located in 83 communities of the Republic of Armenia on contract basis.  As a result of that mutually beneficial cooperation year by year the number of those farmsteads is being enlarged, which contributes to the creation of new job places, having the aim to acquire fresh, high quality and valuable milk.


The Company has founded milk procurement units in 10 regions of the Republic: they are Lori – village Privolnoye; Shirak – village Sizavet, Gegharquniq – village Tchambarak, village Shorzha; Syuniq – village Gorayq, Aragatsotn – village Agarak and village Aragats and etc..The procurement units are prominent owing to their excellent cleanness, saturation of laboratory technique and existence of qualified specialists. Taking into consideration the fact that in a newly milked milk microbes are not developed during the upcoming 2 hours, the Company has established such a system, which allows, in a few minutes, with the help of special modern laboratory equipments, to test, cool and collect milk in preliminarily disinfected containers. 


The procured raw material is being transported to the factory by specially modified vehicles, in which the necessary conditions for keeping milk are calculated. Ashtarak-kat Company exempts the villager of the heavy burden how to store, transfer and realize milk, gives him an opportunity to get specialized in cattle breeding, thus contributing to the development of farmsteads in Armenia.So, all the roads from alpine meadows lead to Ashtarak-kat Company.