Dairy and Health

The regular use of dairy will give you:

Strong bones, healthy teeth
The calcium contained in dairy products is one of the main means for the strength of bones and for their formulation. The use of dairy products especially in young age insures people from different bone diseases and injuries in future years.
The regular use of dairy products protects our teeth from caries, giving us broad smile.

Strong immune system
Yoghurts, matzoun and kefir contain numerous live lactic acid bacteria that neutralize the effect of negative bacteria existing in digestive system, promoting to the raise of immunity and longevity of the organism.

Shiny hair, healthy skin
Milk has been one of the secrets of women beauty for centuries. Centuries ago Cleopatra, known for her beauty, had bath of milk.

Strong muscles

During physical work the energy of muscles is consumed. For recovery of muscles a good source of energy are the carbohydrates and proteins existing in milk.

Healthy sleep

Everyone knows the amazing characteristics of traditional matzoun. Every day using 1 cup of matzoun before sleep, you will calm your nerves, giving you deep sleep and active morning.

Vitamin D
Milk and dairy products contain an important element for the growth of our organism-vitamin D. Our organism under sufficient sun light produces vitamin D. But the researches showed that in current conditions a lot of people feel less of this vital vitamin in their ratio.