Yogurt and health

Satisfy your hunger
Yoghurt is a high protein food.  One yoghurt contains 8-10 gram proteins, which will satisfy your hunger for several hours.
Raise up your immune system
Live yoghurts contain positive cultured milk microbes, probiotics, which neutralize the harmful microbes of the digestive system thus contributing to the normal functioning and immune system raise of gastrointestinal tract.
Get your vitamins without pills.
One yoghurt is a perfect source of potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B, iodine, zinc and vitamin B5.  Yoghurt contains also vitamin B12, which is good for blood red balls and nervous system.
Recover your strength
The existent proteins in yoghurts provide the organism with so much amino acids which are necessary for the recovery of muscles, and the carbohydrates fulfill the lack of energy in muscles.
Take care of your healthy heart
People use more salt than is recommended.  In the course of time it leads to  hypertension and heart diseases.  The potassium containing in yoghurts helps the organism to remove some part of waste sodium from the organism thus insuring you from different diseases.
With the help of the containing calcium yoghurt keeps your teeth away from caries.  It never decompose the enamel of your teeth.  And the cultured milk microbes of yoghurt have positive influence on your gums.
Regulate your weight
Those people, who, during their diet, use yoghurt for breakfast in the morning lose more weight than those who do not have breakfast at all.  When we are hungry a ferment is produced in our organism, which is called kortizol, which makes our organism accumulate more fat.  Meanwhile calcium contained in yoghurt gives signals to our organism to produce less kortizol, and amino acids contribute to melting of the fats.