Summer, heat! You are hurrying home in anticipation to drink something fresh and cooling. Entering home You open the refrigerator, take out the drink and lose heart. Again You should break the ice from refrigerator per hours. Of course every wish passes to drink something. What to do? Everything is simple enough! Before going home buy from the shop ready made ice cubes “Ice-Man”.

New brand of “Ashtarak-Kat” CJSC represents ice in cellophane packets. You needn’t arm yourself with knife and hammer taking out home-made ice cubes. In one kilo packets You will find already ready for use ice cubes, which are made not from flowing water, but from pure filtered water with special German technology. And for HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafes) “Ashtarak-Kat” CJSC offers 5 kilo packets with ice cubes. 
Ice “Ice-Man”- simple, convenient, available!                         
Content: made of pure drinking water by German technology.Conservation date: 6 month from the day of production.To keep in temperature not high from -1⁰C. Package: 5kg, 1 kg.