The pledge of quality

The advantages of the products of “Ashtarak-Kat” CJSC are the following:
• The raw material, which is obtained from ecologically pure meadows situated on 2000m above sea level, rich in various herbs and flowers.
• The strict control over raw material beginning from the analyses made in milk collecting points to the microbiological analyses made in mother factory. 
• The technical saturation of milk collecting points, through which new received milk is being chilled during 2 hours and as a result the negative bacteria do not develop in it.
• The existence of special cars necessary for the transition of milk to the factory, through which the freshness and all other useful characteristics of milk are preserved.
• The production that meet the strictest sanitary hygienic standards. 
• Daily control over the quality of finished products right in the factory.
• Hermetic packaging that gives opportunity to preserve the high quality, cleanness, freshness and security of the product.
• The production date, as well as the shelf life day/month is written on the packaging, which is done for giving complete information about dairy products to the customer and gives opportunity to orientate correct during shopping and choose fresh and secure products. 
• The existence of special cars for distribution of finished products to the customers, through which the high quality and freshness of the dairy products is preserved.

Ashtarak-Kat CJSC for the high quality of its production deserved the price Quality sign at first in 1998, then in 2004. 
In January 2008, the Company received ISO Quality Control System certificate.