Our company

“Ashtarak-Kat” CJSC  was  founded in  1995 in the village Agarak, Aragatsotn region. For about 23 years “Ashtarak-Kat”  has been the leader in the Armenian dairy market. Currently the Company has nearly 500 employees, produces 45 types of ice cream with its flavoring subspecies, 50 types of dairy products with its subspecies, jams and comfitures. “Ashtarak-Kat” CJSC  cooperates with 6000 farmsteads. Year by year the number of these farmsteads is being enlarged with the aim of acquiring only fresh, high quality and valuable milk.  

The milk is being purveyed from the cows grazing in far-away regions of Armenia at the height of 2000 meters. The whole production is guaranteed by the Armenian Medical Association the logo of which can be found on the labels of “Ashtarak-Kat” products. 
Ashtarak-Kat CJSC was granted with “Quality Sign” from the Government of RA at first in 1994 and then in 2004. In international exhibition “PRODexpo 2011” and “PRODexpo 2015” the company was e granted with a gold medal of high quality. 
Children’s health is primary and of great importance for “Ashtarak-Kat”. For this reason in 2010 the Company accomplished children’s product range by creating the brand “Yogu-Mogu”- the first drinkable and edible yogurts in Armenia. Moreover, “Yogu-Mogu” is not only a tasty yogurt but also a funny toy. 
Continuing its adopted high values “Ashtarak-Kat” created “Kovik” brand which is the first low fat complete product range in Armenia. Due to its low fat it is richer with proteins and calcium. The latter contributes to the removal of undesired fat from the organism thus preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases. That is the reason why “Kovik” brand was the first in Armenia to be awarded the honorable right to bear the “Healthy Heart” labeling by the Armenian Medical Association. 
Yogurt “Mojo” is a completely new approach in yogurt category. “Mojo” with fresh and unique tastes is a totally new brand for young and active people.  Are you young? Do you work from day to night? Do you drink alcohol, smoke and harm your organism? “Mojo” is for you! Every day recharge yourself with “Mojo” yogurt and redeem your sins against your organism! 

Milk procurement market




Ashtarak Kat Company is cooperating with 6000 farmsteads of Armenia.  Year by year the number of those farmsteads is being enlarged, having the aim to acquire fresh, high quality and valuable milk.
The procurement units are prominent owing to their excellent cleanness, saturation of laboratory technique and existence of qualified specialists. 
Taking into consideration the fact that in a newly milked milk microbes are not developed during the upcoming 2 hours, the Company has established such a system, which allows, in a few minutes, with the help of special modern laboratory equipments, to test, cool and collect milk in preliminarily disinfected containers. 
The procured raw material is being transported to the factory by specially modified vehicles, in which the necessary conditions for keeping milk are calculated.